We found a house… Maybe…?

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So Jordan and I have officially found a house that we adore. However, this idea of moving forward isn’t an easy one to come by.

This is where we need your prayers. 

The house is move in ready with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, a requirement needed in order to fulfill our homestudy. If we were to adopt only girls, then we could move into a 2 bedroom (in that they would be able to share a room with Halle). But since we want to keep our options open to whatever God has in store, we really wanted that third bedroom. With this house we could provide a home to sons and/or daughters. Sure, there are some minor repairs (a gutter that hangs low, a section of the back gate loose, etc), but for the most part this house is just waiting for our little family. 

What’s the problem you ask? Well for starters, we have been searching well below our loan approval for a flipper house. Not only is it wise to not max out our monthly budget, but with a little sweat equity we could really get our family ahead in a more comfortable financial seat. The problem is that this house doesn’t provide as much of a guarantee of major reward. I can definitely doll it up… we could upgrade some appliances and countertops… but even though this is a foreclosure property, the price is fair given the comps in the area. The upside is that there is a large attic that perhaps we could finish into a bonus room and then get that extra cash on the back-end, but without a home inspection this could all just be futile dreaming.

We need to move. We can’t just keep delaying for that perfect house. It has been hard with all the investors snatching up the shabby houses with great bones. I just don’t know. We could go round and round on this one. Our wise counsel contradicts each other, and yet sees and agrees with the opposing perspective. So with a few days before placing our bid, we are taking it to the Lord in prayer. Normally I wouldn’t put this kinda info out there into cyber-space, but since our adoption could potentially be affected by this decision, I uncomfortably am.

Being a grown up is hard sometimes!

I’ll update you again soon. Thanks in advance for your prayers!

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