The Details

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  • We are adopting from Burundi, Africa.


  • The plan is to adopt a sibling set. While we have our hearts set on 2 children, we will NEVER leave an older sibling in the orphanage either. So truly, we are just open to whatever the Lord sees fit.


  • While the age is not really important, we are going to abide by our placement agency’s suggestion of maintaining birth order. Our daughter will be the oldest sibling in the house upon the adoption finalization. 


  • Our agency is All God’s Children International, and they are AMAZING!

  • Once all of our paperwork is submitted (May/June 2017), we are looking at a 6-15 month referral wait time & then a 9-10 month wait before travel. So a total of 1.5-2.5 year wait from Spring 2017.

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