Puzzle Campaign Totals & More

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Well, today marks the end of our 30 day “Puzzle Campaign” and the results are in!

We raised a total of $1,675.00… bringing up our total 2016 earnings to $4,025!!!


This of course doesn’t include offset costs we have in preparation of each fundraiser/PayPal deductions/website costs, but all in all, we are so encouraged that we are only half way through the year and have earned so much.

So let’s talk about what’s next.

Since I didn’t make as much as I was wanting to this fundraiser, I have an idea for one more that should push us over that $20K hump (we are already skating on the line of it). However, I’ll most likely hold off on that one until February/March so that I don’t exhaust any resources (I try to never double-dip in the same giving pool). Additionally, to my knowledge I can’t APPLY for grants until I’m in full-swing adoption mode… which, by AGCI requirements, can’t happen until November (when Owen turns 6 months). A lot has to be reapplied for since we are switching countries (but again, no money has been lost!). So what are we doing in the wait?

For the next 3 months I’ll be researching/compiling lists/making phone calls/building relationships with the people and places that offer grants that we have a really good shot at getting. My goal is to earn $10K in grants, which would polish off the final adoption costs.

If for some reason I don’t think we will be able to gather enough from grants, I’ll make an announcement around Christmas about my final fundraiser to be conducted in the following months. But that should be it! The end is in sight which is so crazy for me to say. Within 9 months or so we will hopefully not have to think about expenses, rather just fully immerse ourselves into the mountains paperwork required… AND WAIT for our referral (which for those unaware of adoption terminology, “referral” means to be matched with your child/children). 

Thank you to those of you who have stood beside us since the beginning… and also we are so grateful for those of you who have jumped in along the way. This past month has been full of trials from every direction and it is hard to not let the enemy win the battle in your mind. When we see that God is still present, that He continues to speak through His Church to provide, we are strengthened to keep going. Please continue to cover us in your prayers- both in the adoption and personal sense.

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