Progress: We bought a house!!

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I want to start by thanking everyone who has been praying for us the past two years -specifically- when it came to our house search. As many of you know, Jordan and I have been working hard to pay down our fertility debt, and homeownership was not in the cards until we landed in that “final stretch payoff.” With the help of your prayers, Dave Ramsey and our families, I’m not sure that we would be able to pay it off as quickly as we have. God is good and we are thankful for His provision as we sought various means for extra income. And yes- I am saying that sometimes The Lord provides by giving you opportunities to WORK and SACRIFICE (not just receive)!

Before I go on, here’s my shameless plug for Dave Ramsey. You guys, if you feel overwhelmed by credit card/medical/car/house/etc. payments take “Financial Peace University.” It WORKS! Don’t be trapped in the mindset that “everyone has debt.” You can truly be set free! As Proverbs 22:7 states, “The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender.” As Believers, we are only to be controlled by Holy Spirit of God. When we are trapped by our financial situations, we are willingly placing ourselves in positions of limitation. If you have any questions about finding financial freedom, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to point you towards relief!! Get rid of your debt and posture yourself, free of chains, before the throne of God for His service!

OK- so the juicy details. THE HOUSE!

 On December 26th we were crazy enough to just drive around for 3 hours (on RANDOM streets) until we came up with a few listings. While everyone else was taking down their Christmas trees and making New Years plans, we were contacting listing agents. The result was an opportunity to snatch up our prize before anyone else knew it was listed! Otherwise, I know we would have lost out in a bidding-war.

I’m not going to post any pictures (sorry guys, safety first!), but I will share some of the unexpected blessings we’ll enjoy. First, in order to complete a home study for our adoption we needed to find a 3 bedroom house. Because we want to keep the gender selection of our children completely open, we had to have a space for “boys” and “girls,” along with one for “Mom & Dad.” This house? “3 bedrooms!” Buuuuut there is an added bonus of a finished basement/full bath that we are converting into our master suite. So scratch that- now we have a 4 bedroom house WITH SPACE for guests! Next, there is also the most beautiful sunroom (not included in the original square footage) that we’re converting into a SEPARATE PLAYROOM! We also are gaining a GINORMOUS, FENCED-IN yard where 4 babies and 2 pups will have plenty of space to go wild! AND the best part is that it’s located in our desired part of town– which RARELY has houses go on the market. I know you might be thinking, what’s the big deal? Couldn’t you find all of that in your price range (sans the location)? Sure, but our financial goals don’t stop with just getting out of debt. We didn’t want to touch anything near our max budget. And thus we found our 1970’s gem, with a few needed projects, but newness where it counts.  Oh, but on that note– another added blessing! In our initial negotiations, the sellers were a little stubborn with a few of our maintenance requests… we gave in, but the inspection/appraisal worked in our favor! While not everything is getting scratched off the list, our most desired projects will be covered in the closing costs and COMPLETED before we move in!



Closing is HOPEFULLY set for next week, and then we’ll need to put in a little elbow grease before we move. While there is much to be done, the timing is still perfect! Halle will have 2.5 months to adjust before we bring Owen home (a mother’s prayer of mine).  I am just SO overwhelmed by the gifts we have ALREADY received through this process. And I’d also like to note that NOW we can move forward with our adoption paperwork! A HOME FOR A HOME STUDY! WOO HOO!

On that note: Let’s save the date for our next fundraiser!


Saturday, April 2nd


Location & Time: TBA

Yes, I will be 34 weeks pregnant and most likely parked in a lawn chair (huge coke in hand). LARGE and IN CHARGE, but workin’ to bring home my babies MARGE, honey! And with that said, my swollen feet will be ever so thankful to anyone who would like to drop off their donated “used treasures” to help bring those adoption funds in! This is a practical way you can help without spending a dime. Christmas gift fail? Outgrown outfit? Unused decor? Kitchen items that gather dust over function? We are collecting NOW!!! Feel free to click the contact tab at the top of the page to coordinate a pick-up time (otherwise, cell and Facebook work great too). Let’s do this together! This is a fundraiser we cannot do on our own!!

All joking aside, I want to share an awesome song that I ran across during this whole house-buying process. I am now convinced that there are few things that can make you feel more inadequate than buying a house! It is overwhelming. I began stressing as we were working through our final negotiations. Were we doing the right thing? Is this still too much? The questions were never-ending and worry was clouding my perception. While it was nice to pray over this with Jordan, I just needed to get ALONE. My hubby was so sweet to take Halle for me one afternoon so I could express my concerns, un-interrupted, to the Lord. This song appeared on my playlist and SO ministered to me in more ways than one, as I hope it does the same for you! 

Keep praying for us! We need it as we navigate a BUSY next few months (house, baby, fundraiser, etc). AND PLEASE KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR YOUR USED TREASURES! APRIL 2ND!!! DON’T FORGET! 

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