We made it!

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You guys!!!!

We met and exceeded our $10,000 Kickstarter goal!


I have to admit, there was a point when I thought we shot too high and dreamed far too big… A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped restore my faith in God’s leading!

Not only do we need to recognize our 73 backers, but we also had a few of you send us personal checks in the mail and gifts through paypal. You guys have helped us reach 1/3 of our adoption costs! We could NOT have made it this far without you! You can find your names listed here on our Donor Wall. (This direct link can also be found on the top left hand corner of our blog.) Give me some time to work on all these awesome rewards for yall… I promise they’re coming!

Also, a BIG THANKS to everyone who shared & liked our multiple status updates on Fac...

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Up from the trenches for EXCITING NEWS!

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I never really understood it when all my “new-mommy friends” would say things like, “uhhh we’ll get to that when we’re out of the trenches…” I know that there are equal parts of joy and challenge when entering parenthood, but until it actually happens to you, you really don’t understand what a load it truly is. 

First, I must brag: My baby will be 4 months tomorrow and she STILL hasn’t woken me by crying in the night. Now don’t get me wrong… the girl DEFINITELY wakes me up. We just transitioned her to the crib a few days ago, and last night alone I think I was up between 20-30 times (she lost her paci, wanted to move positions, etc). The lack of sleep is definitely the hardest part, but it all melts away as soon as I look at her...

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Our first hurdle.

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When life is already chaotic, unexpected challenges can be temptingly debilitating.  

(And yes- I am insinuating that sometimes we have a choice in whether we will be weakened by our circumstances.)

I’ve been wanting to get off the roller coaster we’ve been on for quite some time now. The constant jolts left and right make me feel so out of sorts, but God has made it clear that this ride is NOT over yet. Sometimes I just want to shut my eyes to fabricate the relief that I long for… but that’s not what The Lord wants for me either. He has just been teaching me so much about endurance lately, and I CANNOT miss out on the lessons God has at hand. And in matters of adoption, for the sake of twenty-six thousand children who will die today of starvation or preventable disease, I MUST recente...

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New Year. Big Changes.

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Ahhh. I really don’t know where to start and hardly have the energy to do so!

If you’ve been watching our Facebook page, by now you may have discovered that Jordan and I have recently moved… out of Florida… back to Tennessee. Yes. You’ve read right. After a 6 month stint in the Miami/Ft Lauderdale area, our bags have been packed and we are back in the place we LEAST expected. It has been bitter-sweet.

For those of you on our newsletter list, we will give you the FULL details after Halle has arrived. In the meantime, here is the quick version for all of you praying alongside of our adoption journey:   🙂

While there were certainly several factors contributing to our move, this is probably the most clean-cut of them all: Jordan’s contract with our church was contingent solely upon the suc...

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Depraved Indifference.

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In the spirit of this holiday season, I’m not going to say much.

This time I just want to share a video that reflects the heart of the One who was born to save.

I pray this video challenges you.

As you gather alongside your family, please remember the “least of these.”

Merry Christmas / Happy Hanukkah & thank you for journeying with us. 

See you in 2014! (Hopefully we will have some GOOD NEWS!)


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Already in my heart, someday in my arms…

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As many of you know, my husband and I are currently in Brazil. Jordan has to return every two years in order to keep up his “permanent resident” status, and it’s always a great excuse to fellowship with family and friends that we miss so much. This go-around has been so much fun because Jordan’s family has been able to “participate” in our pregnancy (something that will most likely not happen if God blesses us with future ones). We have enjoyed “tummy time” (where I’ve laid down and the girls put their hands over my belly to feel Halle kick), buying little Brazilian baby gifts, and taking funny belly pictures. It’s been a blast. We have also LOVED overlapping our trip time with Jordan’s older brother, Chris. It feels like old college days at Moody…. man, we love that guy! 

Being here has ...

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In the past few weeks my mind has been wrestling over the concept of waiting.

Is there a right way to do this?

Sure, we can be in a constant state of prayer, petitioning for the Lord to give us a heart that reflects His, but how does this practically play out?

Being pregnant really does something to me. I’m waiting, yes, for my adoption process to proceed forward… but I’m also forced into a position of heavy family planning because of my growing baby bump and other private circumstances that I will reveal at a later date. Shouldn’t I be doing something? No..? Ok… sooo should I just sit on my hands and wait? No… something about that doesn’t sit right in my spirit. I KNOW that I should proactively be PURSUING something while I wait, but it’s all just a fog.

That’s when it finally clicked.


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The things I’ve wanted to say… (Part 2)

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By now you’ve probably seen the mighty hand of God at work my life. Just a few months ago, Jordan and I exited our “desert season” and are now enjoying the shade of The Lord’s love and mercy. Lately we have been walking in a constant awareness of Him. We feel His movements and can hear His whispers. 

Part 1 of this entry was about the little miracle that God breathed into our lives- STILL PRAISING HIM!- but this post is about a curve ball we most certainly did NOT see coming.

Before I go on, I must say that this hasn’t deterred us from enjoying the presence of God.

I think sometimes we get caught up in the red and yellow lights that The Lord issues -instead of- being THANKFUL that we even heard from God in the first place...

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The things I’ve wanted to say… (Part 1)

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Oh my… where to start? If you’ve been following our Facebook page, you probably know by now that WE’RE PREGNANT!

No matter how much I try to put words to this journey, I’ll never be able to describe all that God has done. His love and His miracles continue to astound me into a place of awe and praise. And before you ask, YES! We are STILL adopting. Again… “Oh my… where to start?”

Buckle in. I’ve got a lot of updating to do, and even though I’m dividing all the info into 2 separate posts, this is going to be a long one.

Let’s start with the pregnancy. I know that Jordan and I have lived in 4 states in the last 4 years, and this has caused interrupted lines of communication with the MANY faces we’ve grown to love...

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Let the adventure begin!

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I have a confession to make.

I’ve been so nervous about how we are going to fund this adoption, that I have been fighting the desire to barter for more time to “figure it all out.” My mind looks at the numbers and quivers at the expensive road that lies ahead. Yes, it is true that I’ve been trying to settle after a big move… yes, I’ve been out of town three times this month… yes, I’ve also had two sets of company… but these are all things that normally wouldn’t stop me from completing something that I am determined to do. My confession is that I have WELCOMED my distractions instead of fighting against them. This is not something that God has called me to do. NO! He has called for my faith to be bigger than my fear. I’ve been slipping.

But no more.

Yesterday I was watching a series on a co...

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