The fierce corner of my heart

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Can I vent a little bit? 

I am just beyond frustrated, discouraged… just all of the above today.

I KNOW that the Lord has called us to walk this adoption journey. And I am beyond assured that this road leads to Africa. And YES, this means that one day I will have children that do not look like me

But that said, I am getting so sick and tired of hearing that the color of my children’s skin is a reason I should be hesitant to adopt at all. I can think of so many other legitimate reasons of why adoption will be challenging. But to quickly answer your question: no, I’m not naive. I know that we will have to tackle the white/black subject. BUT WHY aren’t the other issues seen as a reason of concern over ethnicity? Things like language. Malnutrition. Culture shock...

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Save the Date!

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Alright, you guys! It is time to announce our next fundraiser!!!

Worship Benefit Concert

Friday, September 11th

Brainerd Baptist Crossroads

7:00 – 9:00 pm

Come one and come all!

We will have a “suggested admission” of $5 and various goods for sale.

Our hope is to have an intimate setting where we can share our family story and how the Lord has called us to adoption. We also will take time to share God’s heart for orphans, as we were once orphaned ourselves before He graciously called us His own. The music set will be a contemporary, “unplugged” feel (that means acoustic)… and the other band members are great guys we have done music with for years. 

There will be some formal invitations sent out for those who don’t participate in social media often...

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Let’s go grab some coffee…

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Well… it officially feels like it’s been FOREVER since I last posted! The break was everything and more that I hoped it would be. Time for family, time to process, time to renew- time for FUN! I have so much to tell you!! So if you will, come join me for a little coffee date and let’s catch up!

Let’s start with January. Yikes. I officially turned 29 and I realize what this entails. Future hesitation in telling my age… wrinkle prevention… middle age… I know, I know. There are many people out there wondering why I’m freaking out about this already, but I AM. Trying to lighten the blow, my husband took me to get my nose pierced to commemorate this “last year of youth.” I chickened-out of doing this while in college and I figured better now than never...

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Free me from the complexity of guilt

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It’s December. This upcoming Christmas weekend, Jordan and I will have been living in Chattanooga for 1 whole year. That may not sound like much to you, but for a couple who has been on the go for the last 8, an entire year of staying put and laying low, simply put, feels strange. Am I supposed to be settled by now? Feel at home? Have my own house with a fenced-in yard? A set group of friends that gather bi-weekly? Routine? Direction? And what does ‘settled’ even mean?? That I’m supposed to bottle up my passion and drive for the things God has clearly directed me towards?

When you’re in a space, but it’s somehow not the right place, beneath the confusion, guilt lies sleeping.

Surely we took a wrong turn? Was I not responsible? What kind of friend am I–or even better, spouse am I? Child of ...

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Adoption Awareness Month!

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Ok- a quick update from last month’s post and then onto the next one:

We did NOT put an offer in on the house. Yes. Ugh. I was already envisioning the dogs running around in the backyard. But ultimately, if we are going to start doing investment properties, we must be rational and not emotional in our purchase decisions. So the search continues!

Now. Onto the purpose of this month’s post….


If you haven’t figured it out already, November is National Adoption Month. This month I want to challenge any of those precious hearts that have been following this blog with a little more than intrigue and support inside. That’s right. I’m talking to YOU. You know who you are. You’re the one that would “love to adopt, but…” Yes. This one is for you...

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We found a house… Maybe…?

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So Jordan and I have officially found a house that we adore. However, this idea of moving forward isn’t an easy one to come by.

This is where we need your prayers. 

The house is move in ready with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, a requirement needed in order to fulfill our homestudy. If we were to adopt only girls, then we could move into a 2 bedroom (in that they would be able to share a room with Halle). But since we want to keep our options open to whatever God has in store, we really wanted that third bedroom. With this house we could provide a home to sons and/or daughters. Sure, there are some minor repairs (a gutter that hangs low, a section of the back gate loose, etc), but for the most part this house is just waiting for our little family. 

What’s the problem you ask? Well for star...

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Fast & Simple: Adoption Bug

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Alright guys, this one is going to be a quickie!

Last week I received the following email:

“Dear Adoption Bug fundraiser families and organizations –
We regret to inform you that after nearly six years of helping families raise money for their adoptions and supporting both domestic and international adoption through fun, adoption-themed apparel, Adoption Bug will be closing this fall. Adoption Bug is a family-owned business run by John and Tammi Ambrose. This past December John took on a new full-time job, and it has been extremely difficult to keep up with the demands of Adoption Bug for the past eight months. So at this time, we feel that we must close in order to maintain a healthy balance for our family...
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Her precious shoes.

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So it’s past 3:00 am and I’m awake. It’s my long awaited night to rest and Jordan is up with the baby. Yet here I am… a sobbing mess.

What’s up, you ask???

Today was a long day. I was excited to jump into my empty queen bed for a night of blissful slumber. While I was brushing my teeth my mind began drifting towards our adoption process, as it often does. And then… God wrecked me. I could hardly finish brushing before the tears began to uncontrollably stream.

In order for me to experience one of the greatest joys in my life, someone is going to have to experience a heart-wrenching loss that most likely includes their life.

While yes, there are some elective adoptions out there — and, no, I am in no way insinuating that giving up their child for adoption is an easy thing– but my future c...

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We made it!

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You guys!!!!

We met and exceeded our $10,000 Kickstarter goal!


I have to admit, there was a point when I thought we shot too high and dreamed far too big… A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped restore my faith in God’s leading!

Not only do we need to recognize our 73 backers, but we also had a few of you send us personal checks in the mail and gifts through paypal. You guys have helped us reach 1/3 of our adoption costs! We could NOT have made it this far without you! You can find your names listed here on our Donor Wall. (This direct link can also be found on the top left hand corner of our blog.) Give me some time to work on all these awesome rewards for yall… I promise they’re coming!

Also, a BIG THANKS to everyone who shared & liked our multiple status updates on Fac...

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Up from the trenches for EXCITING NEWS!

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I never really understood it when all my “new-mommy friends” would say things like, “uhhh we’ll get to that when we’re out of the trenches…” I know that there are equal parts of joy and challenge when entering parenthood, but until it actually happens to you, you really don’t understand what a load it truly is. 

First, I must brag: My baby will be 4 months tomorrow and she STILL hasn’t woken me by crying in the night. Now don’t get me wrong… the girl DEFINITELY wakes me up. We just transitioned her to the crib a few days ago, and last night alone I think I was up between 20-30 times (she lost her paci, wanted to move positions, etc). The lack of sleep is definitely the hardest part, but it all melts away as soon as I look at her...

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