No morning sickness, just paper cuts… WE’RE PAPER PREGNANT!

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Let me walk you through our quick timeline:

November 13th: We reapplied to All God’s Children International (on Orphan Sunday!), knowing that they will receive our documents the following morning of the 14th. This date is significant because our last piece of eligibility was achieved with Owen turning 6 months old.

November 14th: Happy Halfy, Owen!

November 18th: We were approved for the Burundi program! We gathered our 56 page contract and scheduled our conference call for finalization. 

November 21st: Applied for our home study with Bethany Christian Services.

November 23rd: We were approved for home study with Bethany Christian Services!

So now what, you ask?



We have our AGCI hour long conference call scheduled for December 2nd. We have loads and loads of paper work to sign and complete during this time. 

Also, we are setting up our online portal with Bethany to get the ball rolling simultaneously with our home study. This means MORE paperwork… lots of homework.. and several meetings. We anticipate our home study to be completed in February or March (around Halle’s 3rd Birthday). Once the home study is complete, we will begin the Dossier  process- which is the CRAZYYYY WORK part of adoption. I’ll update on all of that later.

Both of these steps require major funds to be spent. I cannot tell you how relieving it is to not have to fundraise right now because of our DONORS! You are our family heros!!! The money is there and it is merely a matter of putting our pen to paper!

We are up to our ears with adoption tasks, as well as personal ones. It’s also the holidays so I don’t immediately plan on doing another fundraiser or applying for grants. The goal, as of now, is to tackle all of that in the new year.

Once we are in the thick of our home study, I’ll post again with how you guys can be praying for us. I’m thinking it’s all going to get rolling in December… HA! So you can just start with praying for my sanity now, ok?! 🙂

Thankful for you guys. For your patience and prayers. For your concern and dollar. For your company and encouragement. It feels good looking back at our big donor list and knowing that we aren’t doing this alone. 

And now I leave you with this. A song of praise in the land that I love most (Israel)… and it just so happens to be mostly filmed up north in my FAVORITE town… on my FAVORITE mountain. I always say to Jordan it’s no wonder God would place his beloved son in the most beautiful part of the land for a majority of his ministry. 🙂 If you’re not familiar with the song, the lyrics can at first be a bit hard to understand. It’s basically talking about submitting the world for Heaven. Jesus did it first with his life. If our goal is to be more like Jesus, wouldn’t adoption fall under that? It isn’t an easy road… and there is no promise of an easy post-adoption experience.. BUT. If to surrender is to be like Christ, we want it. 


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