New Year. Big Changes.

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Ahhh. I really don’t know where to start and hardly have the energy to do so!

If you’ve been watching our Facebook page, by now you may have discovered that Jordan and I have recently moved… out of Florida… back to Tennessee. Yes. You’ve read right. After a 6 month stint in the Miami/Ft Lauderdale area, our bags have been packed and we are back in the place we LEAST expected. It has been bitter-sweet.

For those of you on our newsletter list, we will give you the FULL details after Halle has arrived. In the meantime, here is the quick version for all of you praying alongside of our adoption journey:   🙂

While there were certainly several factors contributing to our move, this is probably the most clean-cut of them all: Jordan’s contract with our church was contingent solely upon the success of a side, start-up project within the year of his hire date. After having 7 realtors, 1 consultant, 1 accountant and several bank personnel tell Jordan that the church budget allotted for the start-up was insufficient, Jordan began praying for wisdom and seeking guidance on his next steps. My husband kept coming back to the fact that he firmly believes that his first ministry is to his family… and with Halle coming in 9 weeks, he didn’t want to risk provision in exchange for something that wouldn’t work out within the timeframe required. 

After expressing his concerns to the executive team, Jordan was eventually offered a new position at the church. While those details shall remain private for now, through prayer and the wise counsel of mentors, we are certain that declining this position was the right thing to do— although painful indeed. We have never fallen in love with a group of people as quickly as we did with the church staff at Oasis. Life-long friendships and ministry partners have been established, and we push on knowing that this season, although short, was one of purpose. Our hearts still hurt over this decision. This has truly been a battle between the flesh and spirit, but by grace we were given clear instruction from The Lord.

We have learned so much. It is almost as though the past 6 months have added 10 years of insight to our understanding of what God has designed us to do.

For this next season, we do have financial options of provision. Those final details are being ironed out over this next week or two– so prayers would OF COURSE be appreciated. These opportunities are, however, temporary. We feel as though this next season is merely our “connecting flight,” if you will, until God opens the door for our next ministerial move. There are also several ministry positions of potential on the near horizon that would be God-honoring, but our desire is to wait upon The Lord’s leading for the most perfect fit. In the meantime, we are thankful for current job opportunities, time to focus on the initial steps Jordan’s Doctorate program… and of coursebaby Halle’s expected arrival in 2 months.


Oh my… that FULL update will have to be saved for next month’s post. Like the title of this entry states… “BIG CHANGES.”  (YESSS, the adoption is still in the works, so nothing to be alarmed about there!) This next month will be spent researching some of these possible changes– so again, we would love your prayers there too. One thing I CAN SAY is that we are blessed that our home-study was delayed, and therefore never completed, in the state of Florida. That would have been a costly process to redo in Tennessee. Praise God for his foreknowledge and protection!

So PLEASEEE hang tight, dear friends, as we get our feet back on the ground this next month. We thank you in advance for your prayers… boy do we ever need them! Next time we should be able to give you a more detailed update on where our adoption path is leading. 

Until then… Hugs from the very tired, but excited, Jordan & Brandi!

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