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Well… it officially feels like it’s been FOREVER since I last posted! The break was everything and more that I hoped it would be. Time for family, time to process, time to renew- time for FUN! I have so much to tell you!! So if you will, come join me for a little coffee date and let’s catch up!

Let’s start with January. Yikes. I officially turned 29 and I realize what this entails. Future hesitation in telling my age… wrinkle prevention… middle age… I know, I know. There are many people out there wondering why I’m freaking out about this already, but I AM. Trying to lighten the blow, my husband took me to get my nose pierced to commemorate this “last year of youth.” I chickened-out of doing this while in college and I figured better now than never. Yes, it has been brought to my attention that I’m a mother now… and yes, I realize I’m a little “old” to be experimenting… but YOLO.


But ya know…


February was pretty uneventful and that was WONDERFUL. Aside from the cloud of sickness that has hovered over my babe since November (this girl better have the strongest immune system next winter!), I think it was the first month that Jordan and I felt like we had a knack for this parenting thing. Mind you, neither of us have ever felt “out of control” when it comes to handling a baby, but it was the first time we felt like we could turn on a “parenting autopilot” and just enjoy.

March. After a quick trip to the beach, Jordan started coaching high school soccer in tandem with his current job. I also started working part-time for my dad. I went into the office 2 days a week (for only a few hours at a time) and worked the rest of the week from home. Our days were long, but we were able to really chip away at medical debt we had from fertility treatments 2 years ago. We are hoping to have everything paid in full by this winter or early spring. Praise the Lord!!

{Side note: Any money that we have received for adoption has NOT gone towards our debt. It is tucked away in our adoption fund! Just want to ease any questions that may be out there! That money is used to obey the Lord ONLY!}

In April my in-laws came in from Brazil. Although short, it was one of our greatest trips ever. I think everything in life just feels fuller now that my daughter is in it. ALSO, we welcomed in the latest member of our family by the end of the month! Stacy Eaves will soon become “Mrs. Stacy Santos” after accepting the sweetest proposal by my brother-in-law, Chris. We are THRILLED! Jordan met her back in February and I’ll finally get to spend some time with her when we return to Brazil to renew Jordan’s -Brazilian- residency card. In the meantime, we’ve been having fun over text messages. ūüôā

This month has been CRAZZZY, as May usually is. Weddings, graduations, showers, parties… you know the scene. It’s fun and exhausting all in one. (Thanking myself once¬†again that we got married in September!) One awesome highlight¬†is that I was invited to participate in a Mom’s event during Mother’s Day Weekend. God was so so so good to me down to the last detail. My friend Cara reached out and invited me to set up a booth to raise money for our adoption. She waved the booth fee, let me enjoy a beautiful dinner and I even won a door-prize! To top it off, by the end of the night I raised almost $300! [Shout out to the¬†The MOMentum Network¬†— GO CHECK THEM OUT to BLESS and BE BLESSED.]

Ok, now here is a crazy story to go with all of this. In my blog store¬†there are¬†items for sale to help raise money for all of our adoption costs. One of these items is a tote bag that a friend has always made for me.¬†Well, long story short, this friend is no longer able to make these totes… and yet they are a best seller. Problem #1. ¬†Cara invited me to be a part of this MOMentum event 6¬†days before. Awesome but YIKES! Problem #2. This invitation was also extended on a weekend that was completely booked… we are talking sun-up to sun-down. So I couldn’t restock inventory, or begin to think of what I could sell to replace those totes until stores opened on Monday. Problem # 3.

Enter Stage Left: The Lord. When He say’s He will provide, trust me, He WILL.

Blessing¬†#1, I am supposed to go into the office on Monday’s (Jordan’s day off). I was freaking out about this one because this was going to eat up one of my precious days needed to prepare. After walking in they said they felt bad that I drove all the way there before they could catch me. Apparently they¬†didn’t have anything for me to do inside the office (first and only time this has happened), and instead they sent me on with my stack of papers to work on¬†from home. YES! And off to Hobby Lobby I went.

I quickly realized that I had no time to come up with something to replace the totes. I was going to have to make the darn things myself. It also became apparent that this kind of load was going to need the help of a machine… something I have NEVER done. I called all sorts of places asking if they would do it for me, but they were going to charge me FAR MORE than what I was planning on selling them for in the first place. Was there a place that I could rent a machine? Nope. Did I need to buy a machine? Looked like it. I got a quick google education in manual vs. computerized sewing machines, and I also got more discouraged. After driving to my 4th or 5th store and talking to my 3rd little old lady about machines, she told me that the very basic machine that I’d need was going to run me about $700!!!!!

No. I couldn’t do it.

My day was about over,¬†giving me¬†only 3 days left to figure out and complete whatever crafty thing I could come up with in the totes’ place. Just as the panic was starting set in, I looked up and made eye contact with an old sorority sister that I haven’t seen in probably 8 or 9 years. ¬†Blessing #2, this sweet thing took me out to the parking lot, gave me her address and had me come over that night (when her OWN kids were trying to go down for bed) for a sewing lesson… she then SENT ME HOME WITH HER MACHINE… and, Blessing #3, is letting me hang onto it a bit¬†longer so that I can make whatever else I need future fund-raising. This sweet friend also put up with my constant texting as I was trying to navigate all the temperamental quirks of an uncharted sewing machine. In the end I made almost 40 bags, finishing at 3 am the NIGHT BEFORE my event. ¬†Umm. THE LORD?! Oh the tears I could choke back!¬†God has been showing me that He will provide for this journey in more ways than one… today I am especially thanking Him for the servant-heartedness of Anna Ballard.


So where are we in this adoption journey? 

Jordan and I took Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace” class this past winter and it has been LIFE CHANGING. Since we are already over HALF WAY to our final adoption cost goal, we have really felt convicted to raise the rest of our money on the FRONT END before we dive any deeper. Why is this? Well for starters there are many deadlines. Hypothetically, let’s say we have enough money to meet one of these deadlines and then that document expires while we are trying to fundraise for the next. We would have¬†then lost that money that our donors entrusted to us. That would not be good stewardship of your gift. We already learned this the hard way, specifically with $300 of our own, in the beginning. This cannot happen again. SO we’re going to start ramping up the fundraising events. First on the list is a big worship night within the next 2-5¬†months. I’ll share more as we hammer out the details. At each of these events I’ll be selling inventory from our store, and in the meantime I’ve been building an Etsy shop that has actually been doing quite well! If you’re wanting to help out from long-distance, hop on over to my store tab (or click¬†here). You can also help by clicking the “Donate” button up in the top right column!

And last but not least: 

QUICK SHOUT OUT TO OUR LATEST DONORS! Check them out on our updated donor tab! ūüôā

The last 5 month breather has been BEYOND needed. I feel so refreshed and have learned so much. There are peaks and valleys when you walk down this adoption road, and I was definitely falling. BUT NOW my confidence has been restored and my spirit lifted. The theme song (and version) of this latest season is the one below. It is also -officially- ¬†one of my toddler’s favorite to jam out to, so a happy babe and a worshipping momma has been such a gift to share… over and over and over EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. for months. And I still love it!

God, You are so good to me. Your steadfast love endures forever.

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