Let the adventure begin!

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I have a confession to make.

I’ve been so nervous about how we are going to fund this adoption, that I have been fighting the desire to barter for more time to “figure it all out.” My mind looks at the numbers and quivers at the expensive road that lies ahead. Yes, it is true that I’ve been trying to settle after a big move… yes, I’ve been out of town three times this month… yes, I’ve also had two sets of company… but these are all things that normally wouldn’t stop me from completing something that I am determined to do. My confession is that I have WELCOMED my distractions instead of fighting against them. This is not something that God has called me to do. NO! He has called for my faith to be bigger than my fear. I’ve been slipping.

But no more.

Yesterday I was watching a series on a couple’s adoption story. I found myself sobbing throughout their journey, and, needless to say, my spark was found. I then sent a text to Jordan and told him that I wanted to complete our initial paper work and send it out the next morning. Of course Jordan agreed… and I should have waited for him to come home and participate, but I just couldn’t! (Don’t worry. He got to share in the joy later that evening!)

And so it began.

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I gathered ALL of my paperwork, EVERY LAST PIECE, and spread it out for review. I was able to locate what I needed, and thanks to the pre-app that we submitted in May, I was able to record all of my net assets and liabilities. The crazy thing is that the more “scary stuff” that I read, the more my confidence began to restore. We CAN totally do this. God is going to fund what He has called us to do. My heart was soaring!

A few hours later, my once unconquerable task was complete.

photo 2

As Jordan and I sealed up our final step for application, we stopped for a moment to pray over the letter. Oh the tingly feeling of nerves and excitement!!

This morning I mailed out our packet. I may need to send in additional documentation regarding knee surgeries that both Jordan and I had years ago (crazy, right?!), but I am going to hold off until I hear if it is completely necessary at this point. Other than that, there were only minor changes in our information since we last communicated with AGCI.

The packet said that we should hear back within 3 days of our application being received… so we are looking to have news within the next week or two! Once AGCI has everything they need, and we gain word of approval, then the fundraising will begin! BIG thank you to a few of our friends who have already reached out to us in support! You helped us with our initial fees and will be getting your tax-deductible receipt shortly. 

Prayer request this week??? Will you just pray for our levels of courage? “Talking about” stepping out in faith and ACTUALLY DOING IT are two totally different things… Whew! We’re in that transitional zone now and need those extra prayers! Hopefully the next time I check in I’ll have some really EXCITING news to share with you!

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