Fundraiser Update!

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“How abundant are the good things that you have stored up for those who fear you, that you bestow in the sight of all, on those who take refuge in you.” Psalm 31:19


The Lord has been so good to us through the outstretch of His body! We had about 75 people gather together for one awesome night resulting in almost $1,300.00 raised for our adoption!!!

And the best part is, we still have a few more pledged gifts coming!

How faithful and gracious is our God?!

A big shout out to our volunteers, band members and tech guys who selflessly gave up HOURS of their time to make this all come together. Jordan and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to accomplish a shadow of what we did without you.

We still have a LONG way to go, but our hearts are encouraged by the generosity of those with pocketbooks both big and small. How we hope to always have hearts that are reflective of yours!

When the night was over we tried to snap a selfie with everyone who survived it through (this was a kid-friendly event, so there were a lot of bedtimes that had to be attended to!)… but for some reason my pictures are uploading in SUPER SIZE form. Soooo it wasn’t showing the whole crowd! Ah.. maybe my tech savvy hubby can fix it for me and I can get it up here later. 

So again, a BIG GIANT thanks from our family to yours! We’ve updated our donor wall, aka our family heros. And for all you anonymous donors, our hearts see you too! But most importantly, while not everyone could donate, we are beyond grateful and covetous of your prayers. Please, please, please keep them coming.


A little sneak peak into our next fundraiser and how you can help?

We are planning on doing a Benefit Yard Sale!

If you’ve got stuff cluttering up your space, we will gladly accept your used treasures starting NOW! We hope to have a yard sale in the next 6-9 months… so keep an eye out for those old things that might bring our babies home!

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