“For in You the orphan finds mercy.” Hosea 14:3b

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If you’re at all like me, you know that the concept of orphanhood is heartbreaking… but you don’t really want, or maybe even know how, to approach the subject. To wrestle through the facts is to place yourself in a position of response. For me, it was pretty scary to go down that road because I knew that God could potentially ask me to do something about the information I had just accessed.

And He did.

But the crazy thing is that all those scary details have now become the most exciting part of my life. It is hard to hold back… I WANT to get my hands dirty- to sacrifice for the burdens God has placed on my heart. And I can’t wait to share everything that I’ve learned! So that’s what this post is about… if you’ll give me just a few seconds, I’d love to share some statistics that will perhaps open your eyes, as they have mine.




-143 million fatherless and orphaned children are waiting for hope

-500,000 foster children wait in our foster care system

-120,000 foster children are currently waiting to be adopted

-Every 18 seconds, a child becomes an orphan without a mother or father

-Every 15 seconds, a child looses a parent due to AIDS (curent count: 17.5 million children)

-1.5 million children are living in public care in Eastern and Central Europe alone

-2 million children worldwide are daily sitting in institutional care

-14.5 million orphans grow into adulthood each year… meaning that they “age out” without ever knowing the love of a family.


Conflict has orphaned or separated over 1 million children from their families in the 1990’s alone.

Orphans are more vulnerable and at risk of becoming victims of violence, exploitation, trafficking, and other abuses.

A study in Russia showed that 60% of orphan girls become prostitutes & 70% of orphan boys become criminals.


But there is HOPE…


“Lord you know the hopes of the hopeless.

Surely you will listen to their cries and comfort them…

You will bring justice to the orphans and the oppressed,

so people can no longer terrify them.”

Pslams 10: 17-18


Statistics can numb and paralyze us… but ONE statistic matters more than any other:

Number of Caring Families it takes to transform the life of an orphan:



Is God tugging on your heart strings to explore the beautiful world of adoption? Stand up. Be brave. Show hope. By participating in this incredible process, we have the ability to LITERALLY display what it means to be rescued by our Heavenly Father. It’s so much more than preaching the gospel, it’s our chance to live it out. ♥

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