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The time is here!


But first, let’s cover the WHY. Our next fee is going to occur sometime within the next 12-18 months in the amount of $15,250. YES. I KNOW. Why so much?

Well… for starters, we will encounter this fee when we receive our referral (match), and because it will be for TWO children instead of just one, the amount was doubled. This fee covers everything from their internal legal process and paperwork to their personal aid until we are able to pick them up. The estimated timeline between referral and travel is 8-10 months. So this is a LONG period and we want to ensure their care.

So let’s talk about how we are going to meet these costs! I’m going to do about 2-3 fundraisers a season in hopes of meeting this $15,250 fee. Praise the Lord we have already received 2 grants this month totaling to $1,500 -AND- a precious donation come through. So now we are sitting around $13,500! WE CAN SOOO DO THIS!

Our first two fundraisers will be held NEXT MONTH! 

  1. September 8th, 7-10 PM: CALLIGRAPHY NIGHT! We will be coached on how to make the following 5″ x 16″ sign:


It will be a night of coffee, pumpkin treats, fellowship, prayer and adoption. My precious friend, Alex, has offered to host the night after finding that her artwork has funded much of her adoption from South Korea. So if anything, you should just come in order to get to know this gem of a friend. Her heart is, as the Psalmist would say, more precious than rubies. Oh… and did I mention that there will be an awesome giveaway?!

Cost is $30 per person. This covers all of your supplies and yummy treats, and 100% of all proceeds fund our adoption! If you are interested please comment at the bottom of this post and we can sign you up. Please RSVP by September 4th… and know that you can bring your friends, small group, momma, WHOEVER! 🙂 If registration proves to be a larger group than we originally thought, we will open this event for a second  night.

2. Friday, September 22nd, 6-9 PM: PARENTS NIGHT OUT!

A group of single friends from church have offered to come over and help us host the biggest, most happening babysitting gig in the city! Just drop your kids off and know that their dinner will be covered and they will be having a BLAST! We will have everything from dance parties to little SUPERVISED splash pools and tables. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO DO THIS! The cost is also $30 per family (unless you have more than 3 kids, and then the cost will vary). If you are also interested in this event, please comment below and we will get in touch with more information.

3. BOTH HANDS PROJECT (To be held in October or November)… more information will be coming shortly!

And that’s it! Would you like to be a part of our family story??? Or do you just need a night out with the girls… or your spouse? THESE EVENTS ARE DESIGNED TO BE MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL! 😉 As stated above, just comment below (or text, fb message me, etc.) and we will reserve a spot for you.

As always, thank you for being a participant in this journey. Your support is part of our fuel to keep going!

Have thoughts? Leave a comment below.