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And the numbers are in….!

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If you’ve been keeping up with us lately, you know that our family has been in a crossfire of equal parts marathon and circus.

Moving, self-renovating, a 2 year old running around, 33 weeks pregnant, Jordan’s working 2 jobs (spring soccer season), and we thought– hey isn’t this the PERFECT time to have our “Yard Sale Fundraiser?!”

So here are the VERY quick updates:

The house is coming along BEAUTIFULLY! We have had so many precious, helping hands in our new home that I could cry. Since I’m pregnant, I’ve been limited in my contribution to the actual labor and have instead been the designated gofer. {And I have to brag, I have a pretty fantastic 2 year old. She has spent hours in the car and every kind of home improvement store you can imagine...

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Progress: We bought a house!!

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I want to start by thanking everyone who has been praying for us the past two years -specifically- when it came to our house search. As many of you know, Jordan and I have been working hard to pay down our fertility debt, and homeownership was not in the cards until we landed in that “final stretch payoff.” With the help of your prayers, Dave Ramsey and our families, I’m not sure that we would be able to pay it off as quickly as we have. God is good and we are thankful for His provision as we sought various means for extra income. And yes- I am saying that sometimes The Lord provides by giving you opportunities to WORK and SACRIFICE (not just receive)!

Before I go on, here’s my shameless plug for Dave Ramsey. You guys, if you feel overwhelmed by credit card/medical/car/house/etc...

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The details of our little man

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It is finally beginning to sink in… And I truly didn’t think that I would utter these words again, but:


The due date has been set for May 19, 2016 and we could not be more shocked/excited.

Like with his big sister, it wasn’t some simple occurrence. The Lord has had his fingerprints all over this one yet again, and because of that, we would like to share the story with you.

This goes back to summer 2008. I had been studying at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel and, before returning home, a group of friends and I decided to take a quick trip to Cairo, Egypt.

owen 3



While I did check a major item off my bucket list, I ended up coming home with more than a camera full of memories...

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The fierce corner of my heart

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Can I vent a little bit? 

I am just beyond frustrated, discouraged… just all of the above today.

I KNOW that the Lord has called us to walk this adoption journey. And I am beyond assured that this road leads to Africa. And YES, this means that one day I will have children that do not look like me

But that said, I am getting so sick and tired of hearing that the color of my children’s skin is a reason I should be hesitant to adopt at all. I can think of so many other legitimate reasons of why adoption will be challenging. But to quickly answer your question: no, I’m not naive. I know that we will have to tackle the white/black subject. BUT WHY aren’t the other issues seen as a reason of concern over ethnicity? Things like language. Malnutrition. Culture shock...

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Let’s go grab some coffee…

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Well… it officially feels like it’s been FOREVER since I last posted! The break was everything and more that I hoped it would be. Time for family, time to process, time to renew- time for FUN! I have so much to tell you!! So if you will, come join me for a little coffee date and let’s catch up!

Let’s start with January. Yikes. I officially turned 29 and I realize what this entails. Future hesitation in telling my age… wrinkle prevention… middle age… I know, I know. There are many people out there wondering why I’m freaking out about this already, but I AM. Trying to lighten the blow, my husband took me to get my nose pierced to commemorate this “last year of youth.” I chickened-out of doing this while in college and I figured better now than never...

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Free me from the complexity of guilt

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It’s December. This upcoming Christmas weekend, Jordan and I will have been living in Chattanooga for 1 whole year. That may not sound like much to you, but for a couple who has been on the go for the last 8, an entire year of staying put and laying low, simply put, feels strange. Am I supposed to be settled by now? Feel at home? Have my own house with a fenced-in yard? A set group of friends that gather bi-weekly? Routine? Direction? And what does ‘settled’ even mean?? That I’m supposed to bottle up my passion and drive for the things God has clearly directed me towards?

When you’re in a space, but it’s somehow not the right place, beneath the confusion, guilt lies sleeping.

Surely we took a wrong turn? Was I not responsible? What kind of friend am I–or even better, spouse am I? Child of ...

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Adoption Awareness Month!

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Ok- a quick update from last month’s post and then onto the next one:

We did NOT put an offer in on the house. Yes. Ugh. I was already envisioning the dogs running around in the backyard. But ultimately, if we are going to start doing investment properties, we must be rational and not emotional in our purchase decisions. So the search continues!

Now. Onto the purpose of this month’s post….


If you haven’t figured it out already, November is National Adoption Month. This month I want to challenge any of those precious hearts that have been following this blog with a little more than intrigue and support inside. That’s right. I’m talking to YOU. You know who you are. You’re the one that would “love to adopt, but…” Yes. This one is for you...

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Up from the trenches for EXCITING NEWS!

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I never really understood it when all my “new-mommy friends” would say things like, “uhhh we’ll get to that when we’re out of the trenches…” I know that there are equal parts of joy and challenge when entering parenthood, but until it actually happens to you, you really don’t understand what a load it truly is. 

First, I must brag: My baby will be 4 months tomorrow and she STILL hasn’t woken me by crying in the night. Now don’t get me wrong… the girl DEFINITELY wakes me up. We just transitioned her to the crib a few days ago, and last night alone I think I was up between 20-30 times (she lost her paci, wanted to move positions, etc). The lack of sleep is definitely the hardest part, but it all melts away as soon as I look at her...

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New Year. Big Changes.

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Ahhh. I really don’t know where to start and hardly have the energy to do so!

If you’ve been watching our Facebook page, by now you may have discovered that Jordan and I have recently moved… out of Florida… back to Tennessee. Yes. You’ve read right. After a 6 month stint in the Miami/Ft Lauderdale area, our bags have been packed and we are back in the place we LEAST expected. It has been bitter-sweet.

For those of you on our newsletter list, we will give you the FULL details after Halle has arrived. In the meantime, here is the quick version for all of you praying alongside of our adoption journey:   🙂

While there were certainly several factors contributing to our move, this is probably the most clean-cut of them all: Jordan’s contract with our church was contingent solely upon the suc...

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Depraved Indifference.

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In the spirit of this holiday season, I’m not going to say much.

This time I just want to share a video that reflects the heart of the One who was born to save.

I pray this video challenges you.

As you gather alongside your family, please remember the “least of these.”

Merry Christmas / Happy Hanukkah & thank you for journeying with us. 

See you in 2014! (Hopefully we will have some GOOD NEWS!)


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