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If you’ve been keeping up with us lately, you know that our family has been in a crossfire of equal parts marathon and circus.

Moving, self-renovating, a 2 year old running around, 33 weeks pregnant, Jordan’s working 2 jobs (spring soccer season), and we thought– hey isn’t this the PERFECT time to have our “Yard Sale Fundraiser?!”

So here are the VERY quick updates:

The house is coming along BEAUTIFULLY! We have had so many precious, helping hands in our new home that I could cry. Since I’m pregnant, I’ve been limited in my contribution to the actual labor and have instead been the designated gofer. {And I have to brag, I have a pretty fantastic 2 year old. She has spent hours in the car and every kind of home improvement store you can imagine. Her always cheerful demeanor has helped boost ME up when I’m feeling run down!} The goal is to move in by the end of next week! Just pray that I can get rid of the never-ending sawdust… the house is covered in it no matter HOW MUCH we clean!

Before I go to the next update, I gotta pay tribute to the faces that belong to those precious hands:


Anne HATES to paint -and yet- she SELFLESSLY came to serve us in this way OVER AND OVER again!  And my Mom. WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT HER?! All of the painting and cleaning… on top of running errands with me… and everything else under the sun. Could not do it without her! (And yes, that blue carpet is GONE!)


My grandmom- this woman is in her 80’s and STILL came over to help us paint our basement. AND as a housewarming present she helped pay for some of the paint! I hope I have her heart one day.


DANIEL! After working all day for Jordan, he STILL chose to come over and help us with our kitchen cabinets. Amazing!



This group. For starters, I haven’t even met one of these beautiful girls- AND YET- she still gave up her Friday night for me. And the rest? WEEKENDS of their single lives given up for us INSTEAD OF being out on the town. Talk about feeling loved!



Jacob. Always handy. Always humble. 🙂



My hubby. Working 2 jobs AND THEN works hours on the house afterwards. The best part about getting into this house is hanging out with Jordan/Daddy again!



Yall. This is our realtor, Peter. He  knew how much we hated this one HUGE bush in our front yard. Also knowing that we didn’t have the proper tools to take care of it ourselves, this man went over secretly to cut it down for us! WHAT?! And did I mention that he’s in his 70’s? Love this guy!



Dad not only worked magic in our living room, but he also finished off our fence! Now that we’re looking at having 2 babies and 2 dogs in the next few weeks, the fence may just be my favorite new feature!



My brother, Zack. This guy has the most insane schedule  -AND STILL- manages to sneak over and grab our house key so he can go paint our house in his spare time. BY HIMSELF. To say that I simply “love him” is an understatement.

Annnd unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures of the guys who helped move us in!

Ok next! Pregnancy update. As mentioned in a previous post, we had quite the scare with our 20 week ultrasound. The scan showed choroid cysts in the brain, and we had a 2 month wait before we could get any answers. We knew the statistics, prayed that our hearts would be aligned with The Lords, and still prepared for the worst. I found myself thanking God for keeping me too busy to attach to my pregnancy… but then that made me struggle with guilt. It felt like I had just resolved to the worst possible scenario. But was I giving up or just submitting??? Oh the mind/spirit/heart games you play!  But AT LAST it was time for our next ultrasound and it revealed that the cysts were completely healed! I still struggle to articulate how thankful I am that God would allow us to welcome another healthy child into our family. In the meantime, I love that God understands the unspoken matters of the heart.

And last but not least, TODAY’S ADOPTION FUNDRAISER! You guys. Again… words? Where are they?! It has been beyond overwhelming to have people– most that WE HAVE NEVER MET– contact you and say that they want to help.

This past month we picked up load after load of donations for our yard sale…

and today brought in about $2,000.00! 

We experienced so many “God-stories” all day long too! For example, a lady from out of town decided to randomly jog in the neighborhood. After seeing the yard sale signs, she decided to stop by to see what we had for sale. She was super chatty and interested in our adoption story– which resulted in her coming back later to write us a $100 check! We also had MULTIPLE families decide to pay WAAAY more than they should have for their purchased goods. And then we had others who dropped off donations “just because.” Stories like that. Ones that remind us that God is in control of this story, and all we have to do is obey.

But its not just the people who shopped today… even the donors have such sweet stories that I’ve had to step back and ask, “But why bless me, God? Why not them instead?” This past month I’ve learned a side of God’s love that I’ve never experienced before and will be processing for quite some time. I just feel so…. favored. And not in a prideful kind of way– rather the, “I’ve done nothing to deserve this grace and love, and yet it’s been so freely given” sort of thing. A picture of the cross, really.




But it doesn’t just stop there. My parents were sweet enough to host the yard sale because they had more room to accommodate such an event. We really didn’t want things lingering at their house after taking over their garage the last few days. Unfortunately though, we have been so busy lately that we totally forgot to schedule a pick-up for after our sale. And sure enough, at the close of the day, we had a big load of NICE donations left over. We kept shooting out different ideas on what we could do with the left-overs (none of our donors wanted their goods back). Every scenario was going to be somewhat at the expense of my parent’s space, and we just couldn’t settle with that. Well… it just so happens that earlier in the day an older lady came through the sale and, while checking out, asked what we were going to do with all of our left-overs. Come to find out, she was with a charity that blesses older people who can’t pay their medical bills and/or living expenses (basically a seniors’ benevolence fund). Long story short, not only were we able to bless an often forgotten part of our community, but they also came by TODAY to pick up everything we didn’t sell or give away.

To top this sweet day off, my awesome husband sent my aching back to go get an hour long massage and wrapped up the entire sale BY HIMSELF (I know right?!)… let’s just say this big preggo was fast asleep by the end! I’m still sore from the last few days, but just having an hour of silence- with yummy eucalyptus oil- and a nice warm bed with a pregnancy pillow…. COME ON! They even sent me home with some essential oils too. Yes please.


AND- yes there is more. Whole Foods sent us a coupon in the mail for being first time home-owners. Expiration date? TONIGHT. So AFTER a day of being showered with God’s blessing, we had a quiet “date night in” of FREE rotisserie chicken and salad. You can’t make this stuff up.

Adoption can be a long and tiring road FOR SURE- but at the end of the day- the Lord will show you His love in more ways than one. You just simply have to say “yes.”


Oh & P.S.

Check out our updated donor tab for some of today’s heroes!

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