Our Active Timeline

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This timeline serves to show all the monumental events during our adoption journey!

July 2011: We acknowledged our call to adoption.

August 2011: We find our agency and contact them. They respond that we have to “be married for one year” before we continue on in the process.

September 25, 2011: Our one year anniversary! Order an application packet, but choose to not send it in because Jordan changed his Master’s track. Since our move from Dallas will happen earlier than originally planned, we decide begin the paperwork after we know which state we’re moving to.

September 2012: Attend an AGCI Seminar in Fort Worth (which is crazy because they are such a small agency).

December 2012: We announce our adoption plans.

February 8, 2013: Jordan gets an offer from Oasis Church in South Florida. We are excited because NOW we know we can send the initial adoption application sometime soon!

February 12, 2013: Oasis confirms the offer and now we also know the salary and final location (for social worker purposes)… the two missing pieces for our application.

May 12, 2013: It’s Mother’s Day! How fitting that it is on this day that we are moving from Dallas to South Florida… it’s perfect because we are FINALLY in the place to start our adoption process!!

May 23, 2013: Started an adoption fund at the bank….. We ALSO submitted our initial application to AGCI to see if we will be approved to apply for an Ethiopian adoption.

May 24, 2013: We were approved to apply for an Ethiopian adoption with AGCI!

June 1, 2013: We were approved for an Adoption Bug fundraiser.

June 14, 2013: Adoption Blog launch!!

August 14, 2013: Mailed in our final application to AGCI.

August 19, 2013: We were approved for international adoption… but learn that Ethiopia is temporarily closed. Waiting for it to reopen.

March 10, 2014: Our first biological child was born… IT’S A GIRL! 

July-August 2014: We raised over $11,500 through our Kickstarter project!

May 8, 2015: Raised almost $300 at the MOMentum Event, along with selling over $200 in adoption merchandise on Etsy!

September 11, 2015: We raised just under $1,300 at our Worship Concert Fundraiser (and still have pledges coming!)

April 2, 2016: We raised $2,000 at our Yard Sale Fundraiser! So thankful for everyone who donated their precious goods!

April 2016: We move into our first home- perfect for an upcoming home study!!

April 20, 2016: Local News Station does a story on our adoption, contributing to $150 (and counting)!

May 6, 2016: Raised around $200 at the 2nd annual MOMentum Event!

May 14, 2016: Our second biological child was born… IT’S A BOY!

July 2016: We realize God has closed the door for Ethiopia and move towards BURUNDI!! We just have to wait to reapply once our youngest reaches 6 months (in November!)

July-August 2016: We raised $1,675.00 through our “Puzzle Campaign.”

November 13, 2016: We reapplied to All God’s Children International (on Orphan Sunday!), knowing that they will be receiving their documents the following morning of the 14th (Owen’s birthday!). Happy Halfy, Owen!

November 18, 2016: We were approved for the Burundi program! Time to get all the contract paperwork together!

November 21, 2016: Applied for our home study with Bethany Christian Services

November 23, 2016: We were non-formally approved for home study with Bethany Christian Services

December 2, 2016: Paid contract fee to AGCI ($5350)… a blessing because we received our first grant through AGCI of $500. So rather than $58350, we paid $5350.

December 6, 2016: We became formally under contract with AGCI’s Burundi program

December 7, 2016: We were formally approved as a family going through Bethany Christian Services’ home study processes

December 9, 2016: An hour long phone conference call with AGCI to go over Dossier process.

December 5-15 2016: “10 Bags in 10 Days” Fundraiser– sold 24 bags– made $630

December 15, 2016: Received two donations during our fundraiser totaling $150

December 2016: Received 5 Etsy orders during our fundraiser totaling $75

January 27, 2017: Home Study completed

March 22, 2017: Home Study approved

March 25, 2017: Applied for Immigration

July 10, 2017: Our Dossier was sent to Burundi! NOW THE WAITING FOR OUR REFERRAL BEGINS!

August 10, 2017: We received a $500 grant from ONEless Ministries!

August 11, 2017: We received a $1,000 grant from Families Outreach!

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