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Free me from the complexity of guilt

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It’s December. This upcoming Christmas weekend, Jordan and I will have been living in Chattanooga for 1 whole year. That may not sound like much to you, but for a couple who has been on the go for the last 8, an entire year of staying put and laying low, simply put, feels strange. Am I supposed to be settled by now? Feel at home? Have my own house with a fenced-in yard? A set group of friends that gather bi-weekly? Routine? Direction? And what does ‘settled’ even mean?? That I’m supposed to bottle up my passion and drive for the things God has clearly directed me towards?

When you’re in a space, but it’s somehow not the right place, beneath the confusion, guilt lies sleeping.

Surely we took a wrong turn? Was I not responsible? What kind of friend am I–or even better, spouse am I? Child of ...

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