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Let the adventure begin!

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I have a confession to make.

I’ve been so nervous about how we are going to fund this adoption, that I have been fighting the desire to barter for more time to “figure it all out.” My mind looks at the numbers and quivers at the expensive road that lies ahead. Yes, it is true that I’ve been trying to settle after a big move… yes, I’ve been out of town three times this month… yes, I’ve also had two sets of company… but these are all things that normally wouldn’t stop me from completing something that I am determined to do. My confession is that I have WELCOMED my distractions instead of fighting against them. This is not something that God has called me to do. NO! He has called for my faith to be bigger than my fear. I’ve been slipping.

But no more.

Yesterday I was watching a series on a co...

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