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Mind vs. Faith

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Reality is starting to sink in, and with it comes a choice in mind-frame.

Living on a young pastor’s budget is something we are learning to adjust to, and we have been exploring all the ways we can be good stewards of our finances and many unnecessary blessings. For example, we are thinking about dropping cable for Hulu (please.. that’s still amazing) and have been learning about various programs where we qualify for extra grocery cash and medical bill coverage. It’s turning into a crazy ride of faith, that’s for sure.

Sometimes I find myself falling back into my “Bankruptcy Lawyer’s Daughter” mode and wondering how we will make all the numbers work. How can we live in one of the most expensive places in the world and STILL come up with more to respond in obedience? But what little faith...

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A quick update.

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 I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything… so sorry!

The move to South Florida has gone well, though I must admit that I am WAAAY behind in my usual progress. Between having my parents in town through 4th of July weekend, my brother until the 22nd, a wedding in Iowa… AND another 4 day trip next week, let’s just say that I’m having to learn to be comfortable with messiness…. yuck.

We feel so at home in our church, which is such a precious gift when fighting the homesick blues…. and rain showers from tropical storm Chantal have yet to distract us from frequent trips to the beach.

We are so blessed.

Adoption progress: Although I know where my packet of papers are to send in, we probably are going to hold off until the dust settles a little bit more...

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