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The danger of making YOUR will… “His.”

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How many times have you been faced with a decision, you know… the REALLY HARD kind, and you find yourself desperate for answers? We have all been there- you flip open your Bible, fan the pages, and put your finger down for a verse that validates the notion you already have set in your heart (I HOPE YOU DON’T STILL DO THAT!). Or maybe you go around and, despite being warned by friend after friend, you keep searching until someone backs up the desires you want affirmed. We all know this is dangerous, and yet it is still done. What does this do to our God?

There are certain truths that the Lord has established:

1. God demands holiness
2. There is a definite sowing & reaping process that the Lord has put into motion

Each of us can only go about our own way until God stops us and demands right...

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