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Onward we go!

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This is the weekend that we are moving.

This is the weekend that I finally say a permanent “goodbye” to the faces & places that I love most.

This is the weekend that we begin our new life in South Florida… (Thank you, Lord!)

This is the weekend that my husband will be starting his career in full time ministry.

This is the weekend that I get to access my adoption packet that I stored away so long ago.

This is the weekend where so many of my tears of waiting will end… (though I’m sure we will shed many more to come!)

This is the weekend that I get to be obedient to my Lord and pursue all the burdens He has placed on my heart.

This is the weekend that we are stepping out in faith.

This is the weekend that changes it all.


It’s all equally scary & exciting…. as it is a little sad & and a bit...

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“For in You the orphan finds mercy.” Hosea 14:3b

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If you’re at all like me, you know that the concept of orphanhood is heartbreaking… but you don’t really want, or maybe even know how, to approach the subject. To wrestle through the facts is to place yourself in a position of response. For me, it was pretty scary to go down that road because I knew that God could potentially ask me to do something about the information I had just accessed.

And He did.

But the crazy thing is that all those scary details have now become the most exciting part of my life. It is hard to hold back… I WANT to get my hands dirty- to sacrifice for the burdens God has placed on my heart...

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Why we chose AGCI…

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When starting an adoption journey, one of the biggest -and most important- decisions you can make is choosing which agency you will go through. This will inevitably affect every step of your adventure, and it is important that you get this one right. It took us HOURS upon HOURS of research to find just the right one… and we are so in love with All God’s Children International that we cannot help but share why. Perhaps it will help some of you guys, as you’re responding to the initial tugs on your heart.


Faith: Okay, so I know I may be extreme… but any time I move to a new place, the first thing I do is start searching for doctors that use their practice to honor the Lord. For example, before I pick a  gynecologist I always spend time searching to see if they are pro-life...

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The danger of making YOUR will… “His.”

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How many times have you been faced with a decision, you know… the REALLY HARD kind, and you find yourself desperate for answers? We have all been there- you flip open your Bible, fan the pages, and put your finger down for a verse that validates the notion you already have set in your heart (I HOPE YOU DON’T STILL DO THAT!). Or maybe you go around and, despite being warned by friend after friend, you keep searching until someone backs up the desires you want affirmed. We all know this is dangerous, and yet it is still done. What does this do to our God?

There are certain truths that the Lord has established:

1. God demands holiness
2. There is a definite sowing & reaping process that the Lord has put into motion

Each of us can only go about our own way until God stops us and demands right...

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Meet Jerry

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This is Jerry...

This is starting to feel SO REAL.

Jordan and I have been rummaging around for craft inspiration (for our fundraising store) and stumbled across this guy. My heart melted. We bought our VERY first gift for our babies!

It’s so strange to experience the things we have been dreaming about for so long.

They say that this process should take 24-36 months but, since we are adopting a sibling set, this process should go a bit more quickly. While we were just approved on our quick- apps as Ethiopian candidates eligible for adoption, we still have to send in the OFFICIAL application. Unfortunately, this will not take place until July because we need to include a few things from our new “Florida Life...

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What about you? The hard truth.

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“I believe that God has uniquely created every one of His people to impact the world. Some may count it as idealistic, but I believe it is thoroughly biblical, rooted in Psalm 67:1-2, yet covering Scripture from beginning to end. God is in the business of blessing His people so that His ways and His salvation might be made known among all people.” – David Platt

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We were created to impact all nations for the glory of Christ. The testimony of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation is that we were created to enjoy God’s grace in relationship to Him, so that we may extend His glory to the ends of the earth.

What does that look like to you?

What shape does that take in your life?

IS there an obvious avenue of worship that those of us from the outside can easily recognize?

These are all q...

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